Yamaha Endorsed Musician Yamaha sponsored artist Matt Ottley

In 2014 I became a Yamaha endorsed musician for Australia.

To date I have written six musical works to accompany some of my books, five of those (Dumazi and the Big Yellow Lion, The Incredible Freedom Machines, TeacupTree, Parachute and Home & Away) using Yamaha’s extraordinary keyboard technology, in particular the The CVP 609.

“Along with Cubase the CVP 609 offers an extraordinarily powerful armory for composers. For work-shopping ideas it is intuitive and there is no disruption to the creative flow. With a few finger taps I can change orchestrations, pushing my ideas to the limit. Mozart would’ve killed for an instrument like this and doubled his output.” 

Music Projects

In 2014 I began the Sound of Picture Books, a collaboration between myself,  The Literature Centre, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) and Yamaha Music and it has been an outstanding success. Musicians from the WASO orchestra, with Alf Demasi from Yamaha playing piano and author Danny Parker narrating, performed my score Tree, a musical interpretation of Danny’s and my book, Tree. Over 1000 students ranging from school years 1 to 12 attended the performances and workshops and the response from students was overwhelming.

In 2015 Danny, Alf and I repeated our performances of Tree with The Literature Centre, WASO and Yamaha in Geraldton, and in an exciting development WASO and TLC along with Danny and I performed my score Parachute at the Perth Concert Hall.

In 2016 Tree was performed at The Literature Centre in partnership with WASO and Yamaha, and in 2017 both Parachute and Home and Away were performed.

In 2018 Tree was performed as part of the Perth International Arts Festival, and The Incredible Freedom Machines, Tree, Parachute and Home & Away were performed across WA in September, 2018.

In 2019 Parachute will be performed as part of the Perth Arts Festival, and Dumazi and the Lion and The Incredible Freedom Machines (along with other works) will be performed later in the year at The Literature Centre.

WASO performing "Tree" by Matt Ottley

Members of the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra and Alf Demasi from Yamaha performing “Tree” by Matt Ottley