Writing and illustrating

I’ve been writing and illustrating books for many years. Most of my books have been works of fiction for children and young adults, and most of those have been picture books, although I have illustrated many works of non fiction as well, ranging in subject matter from prehistory to ancient history, science and gardening.

I have worked with the following authors: Wade Hughes, Brian Mackness, Colin Thompson, Nadia Wheatley, Josie Montano, Brian Caswell, John Marsden, Gary Crew, Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina, Danny Parker, Rebecca Young, Lucy Estela, Kirli Saunders, Meg McKinlay, Valanga Khoza, Lisa Tiffen and Tina Wilson.

Requiem for a Beast was my first major work for adults and young adults.

The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness, to be published by Dirt Lane Press and released in March 2022, will be my second major work for adults and young adults.

In the following galleries, the books for children range from books for very young readers through to older children. You’ll notice that some of those books are repeated in the gallery of books for young adults and adults. Books like The Colour of MusicSuri’s Wall, Teacup, The Incredible Freedom Machines and Tree can be understood by young children, but also appreciated on a different and more sophisticated level by adults.

Books for younger children

Books for young adults & adults

Resource Notes

I have produced a variety of resource notes for my books to aid teachers and students in the reading of the relevant works. You can download most of these for free from the store on this website.


I am available for talks and workshops for Festivals and conferences, students, teachers or individuals. Visit the contact page for details on how to reach me.