The History of Harmony – A Devilish Tale

Theatrical Stage Performance

The History of Harmony is a highly theatrical stage performance accompanied by video and music, which provides an entertaining look into the early development of western harmony, raising questions about the power of fashion in shaping political and cultural evolution.

It is a musical journey from ancient Greece to the present day, following the sometimes dark and quirky history of western music and centres around the ranting of Mad Monk, Brother Alfonso, as he tussles with the devil.

The stage performance encourages audience members to think outside the box. 

Inspiration for the show

Matt devised this work because he’s always been fascinated with the history of western harmony, how the ‘devil’s tritone’ has played such an important role in shaping our musical sensibilities today.

Also including…

The stage performance is followed by a 20-30 minute live musical improvisation – The Shape of Music. It showcases a non-traditional way of composing and performing, using the principles of synaesthesia (an amalgamation of all the physical senses) to create music. It is an unorthodox approach to music composition utilising spatial awareness and improvisation.

Alf Demasi performing as the Mad Monk, Brother Alfonso