Sound of Picture Books – 2019

The Sound of Picture Books returned to Perth for two weeks in September, 2019.

The first week featured the premier performance of my new composition in collaboration with Valanga Khoza, Dumazi and the Big Yellow Lion. This work, originally written for a small orchestra, was re-scored for a piano sextet to be performed live to Perth audiences as part of the Sound of Picture Books. The book itself contains a CD of the 30-minute musical work composed by me, with guest composition by Valanga (narration, lyrics and playing of traditional zulu instruments).

In the second week I worked with the wonderful author Kirli Saunders with my composition for The Incredible Freedom Machines.  All performances featured the West Australia Symphony Orchestra’s (WASO) superb string quintet, Yamaha’s Alf Demasi, my illustrations and music and Kirli’s narration.

We were fortunate to tour The Sound of Picture Books to Bunbury, where Home & Away (written by John Marsden) was also performed to help raise awareness around asylum seekers and refugee issues.

We look forward to the Sound of Picture Books being performed again in 2020, including a premier of a new work. If you or your school would like to see the performances please contact The Literature Centre for details.