Creation of “Teacup” Paintings

Creation of “Teacup” paintings

Working on Rebecca Young’s beautiful and sensitive picture book Teacup was a magical experience for me. I was given full creative control by Scholastic and chose to paint the images as large oil paintings.

The process was a very long and involved one and some of the paintings took over a month to complete, with the artwork as a whole taking over 9 months (whilst working on other projects).

I wanted to create a sense of the great expanses of the ocean, of the raging moods of the sea, but all contained within a mood of stillness. The works are a mediation on loss, freedom, hope and belonging. My inspiration for this approach was Rebecca’s absolutely gorgeous and poetic text.

Signed limited edition prints and the book itself can be purchased from my website through the shop.

Below are some pictures of me working on the artworks to give you a sense of there scale.