Lovelies: Children's Book Launch by Australian Author Lisa Tiffen

One Tentacle Publishing – Lovelies Book Launch

In partnership with the fabulous Uki Post Office we launched Lisa Tiffen’s second children’s book – ‘Lovelies’ in June 2018.  Complete with sparkles, smiles and fanfare the book was launched to an excited audience by the lovely Jo Spiller (whose speech—according to Lisa—was quite possibly suitable for the royal wedding).

Lovelies’ is the second book in a series of quirky and fun picture books that deal with children’s emotions. We look forward to launching Lisa’s third book ‘Sorrows’ later in the year.

A huge thank you to the small businesses who came on board to provide food, flowers and fabulous entertainment on the day! We appreciated the hours of preparation and thought you put in to creating such fun, beautiful and delicious displays!!

You can purchase ‘Lovelies’ from Lisa’s website by clicking here.

Grumps Book Launch by Lisa Tiffen and One Tentacle Publishing

One Tentacle Publishing – Grumps Book Launch

My partner Tina and I have recently set up a small publishing company known as One Tentacle Publishing. Our aim is to nurture budding writers/illustrators through the creation of quirky, fun and artistic picture books.

We were very pleased to launch Lisa Tiffen’s first children’s book Grumps on December 2nd in Murwillumbah, and look forward to working with her on her second book in the series – The Lovlies – stay tuned for its release in 2018!

You can purchase a copy of Grumps directly from Lisa’s website.

Click here to purchase a copy

Crusts Book Launch

Book Launch: Crusts


On August 6th we had the great pleasure of launching Crusts – the latest picture book from award winning Author Danny Parker and illustrated by me.  Heidi’s Place Books in northern NSW were the proud host, turning their store front into an intergalactic landscape – complete with aliens and a crumbling planet.  A huge thank you to Danny Parker for flying all the way from Perth to be at the launch.. and for having such a fantastic imagination to create a book about a boy who wouldn’t eat his crusts!

Jo Spiller gave the official launch, providing many wonderful facts about crusts that we weren’t aware of before.  A children’s workshop was hosted prior to the launch for people to learn about the processes behind its creation.

Click here to purchase a signed copy of Crusts.


'Crusts' Book Launch. Author Danny Parker, Illustrator Matt Ottley

Book Launch: ‘Crusts’

Crusts, written by Danny Parker and illustrated by me, published by Little Hare/Hardie Grant, will be launched by the fabulous Jo Spiller at Heidi’s Place Books in Murwillumbah on 6th August, 2016.

I will conduct two workshops, for both children and adults, in writing and illustrating a picture book. All being well, the author Danny Parker from Western Australia, will be joining us at the launch and co-conducting the workshops.

To book a place contact Renae or Heidi on (02) 6672 6881 or email

Illustration from Suri's Wall by Lucy Estela and Matt Ottley

Book Launch – Suri’s Wall

Book Launch – Suri’s Wall

My new book, Suri’s Wall, a collaboration with writer Lucy Estela, published by Penguin, was released in August, and officially launched at Heidi’s Place in October by the wonderful Jo Spiller. Lucy’s text for Suri’s Wall is very powerful and the book makes a beautiful sister work to my collaborations with John Marsden and Rebecca Young (Home and Away and Teacup).

In their own way each book is about displacement, compassion, empathy and the innate wisdom and strength of the human spirit. Lucy has created a fantastic website featuring Suri’s Wall, which you can see by clicking here.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition signed prints are currently available from my website in the “Shop”, at Heidi’s Place Bookstore in Murwillumbah NSW and The Literature Centre in Fremantle, WA.

Teacup, a children's book by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley

Book Launch – Teacup

Book Launch – Teacup

The official launch of my new picture book in collaboration with Rebecca YoungTeacup, took place in Murwillumbah at Heidi’s Place Bookstore in July. We are delighted that it has received such positive reviews (see below for some examples) and particularly excited that it was nominated for the Queensland Literary Awards in the Griffith University Children’s Book Award.

Rebecca’s text for Teacup is one of the most glorious picture book texts I’ve ever read and both Rebecca and Ana Vivas were brilliant editors to work with. I’m very grateful to Nicole and the design team at Scholastic who worked so sensitively with Rebecca’s text and my paintings, and to my partner, Tina for her superb photographs of the paintings.

The original oil paintings are all from 1 to 2 metres wide and are currently on display at The Literature Centre in Fremantle, WA. They are also for sale. Limited edition signed prints are available from my store, Heidi’s Place and The Literature Centre.


Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt reviews of Teacup. We are so proud to be able to share this work with you.


Home and Away by John Marsden and Matt Ottley

Home and Away DVD Launch

Home and Away DVD Launch in Murwillumbah, NSW

On Thursday 13th November 2014, the Uki Refugee Group, which is a refugee friendship group based in my local community, launched the Home and Away DVD and reprint of the book at the Regent Cinema in Murwillumbah. The book Home and Away, written by John Marsden and illustrated by me is a book that has always been dear to me. It is a hard hitting story that aims to help people imagine what it is like to be a refugee, hopefully engendering a sense of empathy and feelings of compassion. The story is in the form of a young person’s diary, and tells of an Australian family fleeing from a terrifying war and the trials of their lives as asylum seekers. The Home and Away DVD is a musical setting of the book, containing images and music for a small symphony orchestra. The DVD features narration by Kyle Green, a young man from my local community who was, at the time of recording, the same age as the diarist in the book, and Nina Baumer, a stunning young soprano, who sings selected lines from the text. I spoke to the attendees about the book’s images and how they explore the refugee issue, and spoke of my own personal experiences visiting Christmas Island Detention Centre.

The DVD was launched by Jo Spiller, teacher-librarian at the Uki School with a well-crafted and thought provoking speech.

The launch of the DVD was followed by a showing of the short film “New Land, New Life” with inspiring accounts of how some African refugees have built successful lives in Australia. The whole event was a benefit event and raised significant funds for the Uki Refugee Project and was seen as “stimulating and challenging” by those who attended. A huge thank you to my publisher, Hachette, for providing copies of Home and Away to help raise funds and to the Regent Cinema for hosting us. My personal thanks also to Jo for such an inspirational speech.