Book Launch – Teacup

Book Launch – Teacup

The official launch of my new picture book in collaboration with Rebecca YoungTeacup, took place in Murwillumbah at Heidi’s Place Bookstore in July. We are delighted that it has received such positive reviews (see below for some examples) and particularly excited that it was nominated for the Queensland Literary Awards in the Griffith University Children’s Book Award.

Rebecca’s text for Teacup is one of the most glorious picture book texts I’ve ever read and both Rebecca and Ana Vivas were brilliant editors to work with. I’m very grateful to Nicole and the design team at Scholastic who worked so sensitively with Rebecca’s text and my paintings, and to my partner, Tina for her superb photographs of the paintings.

The original oil paintings are all from 1 to 2 metres wide and are currently on display at The Literature Centre in Fremantle, WA. They are also for sale. Limited edition signed prints are available from my store, Heidi’s Place and The Literature Centre.


Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt reviews of Teacup. We are so proud to be able to share this work with you.