The Czech Republic – Orchestral Score

In October 2019 my partner, Tina, and I had the privilege to travel to Brno in the Czech Republic to record my 50 minute orchestral score with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic Choir, Brno.

The recording will accompany my upcoming project: The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness, to be published by Dirt Lane Press.

It was an extraordinary honour to work with the orchestra and choir, under the superb conductorship of Mikel Toms, and to hear the music performed live for the first time.

I was joined by guest-composer Alf Demasi (Yamaha) and Ben Reynolds (Tenor), and was privileged to work with Jaroslav, the engineer.

This was all made possible through the generous support of the Gabby Arts Legacy Trust.