Sound of Picture Books – Geraldton

Sound of Picture Books – Geraldton

‘WOW!  What an incredible tour to Geraldton we all experienced!  A huge thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with funding the tour.’ Lesley Reece, Director of The Literature Centre  

The Sound of Picture Books, a collaboration between WASO, The Literature Centre and Yamaha, is a unique multi-modal workshop that brings story books to life through a journey of sound and imagery. The Sound of Picture Books workshops were presented to students in Geraldton on 22nd-24th September, 2015.  

The tour gave families in regional WA an innovative learning experience that we hope left them excited about the boundless possibilities of music, art and literature. We featured Tree, my collaboration with Danny Parker, published by Little Hare Books. Tree is a poignant story that explores the cycles of life, the turn of seasons, familial love and the delicacy of the natural world.

The children heard Danny narrate his text accompanied by my illustrations projected on a large screen, with my music performed by a WASO string quintet and Yamaha pianist Alf Demasi. Following a short introduction to their instruments by each of the musicians, Danny then interacted with the audience in a sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving explanation of the creative processes involved in the making of Danny’s text, my paintings and musical score. We were all thrilled by the wonderful reception we received in Geraldton.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Tree DVD click here.